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New League Format for 2018

Sept 27 – Dec 6 – Thursday Nights at 8:00

On September 27th at 02’s Clairview – 13006 50th Street – the league will have its kick off night and draft.  The top 4-6 players will be captains and draft teams. Everyone is encouraged to play regardless of skill level.  Once the teams are selected teams will come up with a team name and play pick up games.

If you’re worried about being picked last, don’t be. Whoever is picked last will receive a $100 gift card to 02’s which will come in handy for the season!

Sign Up for the league by filling out the Registration form below. In the subject field just put “Registration”, and in the comments put any other info or questions. Registration for the league is $20 per player which will be paid out as prize money at the end of the year to the winning team.

Each Thursday the team you are chosen to play on will play against another team of 4-8 players. Match format will be a combination of singles and doubles matches where the whole team is involved. The lowest ranked player on a team will play a singles match against the lowest ranked player on the other team, while the highest ranked player on a team plays against the highest ranked player on the other team.

More info will be provided at the League Kick Off and Draft on Sept. 20th at 8:00.

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